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Rick Edwards voodoochile@WEBTV.NET
Fri Dec 18 02:47:02 EST 1998

hhhahha Let`s see. The new list mommy is outraged because I posted about
politics, even though I labeled it NBC. And he even posted about it as
the list mommy! hmmm Well, mommy, I think I actually had the politics in
my signature, not as part of a blues-l post. But regardless. I did label
it as NBC, so why are you crying about it? And why are you singling me
out? There are Tons of NBC posts on blues-l. And there are lots of
people who won`t let others discuss the music they love. People who
attack people who try to discuss the music they love. Where is your
concern about the REAL problems with blues-l? I think you are only
concerned about the people who are writing to you. The ones who want
this to be go back to being a nice little private club. A place where
rock haters can meet and joke and put down rock. A nice little
prejudiced and exclusive purist and rock-hating blues club. Well, it
ain`t ever going back to that. Even it you kick me out, I`ll post from
the newsgroup. The blues and all other minority opinions will find a
way. And if you kick me off without treating everyone else equally,
expect a lawsuit.

Rick, voodoochile, bamabluesdog


Let there be peace on earth (and blues-l) and let it begin with me (and

hmmm Let me get this striaight. We are bombing Iraq with our weapons of
mass destruction, because we are afraid they will develop weapons of
mass destruction? We are dropping hundreds and hundreds of "smart"
cruise missiles, that we know will kill innocent civilians and children,
because we think that they _might_ develop weapons like we already have,
and they might use them, like we do. And we justify all this killing and
destruction by saying they are trying to delvelop atomic and chemical
and biological weapons, weapons that we have had in our stockpiles for
fifty years. And each one of the hundreds and hundreds of cruise
missiles we a dropping on them costs us tax payers a million dollars per
bomb, and does nothing but delay them for a short while, from building
the same weapons we have now. Makes sense to me. Any world problem can
be solved by dropping bombs (bombs whose purchase supports big business,
the military industrial complex, and congressmen who support them). We
could send an undercover hit squad into Iraq and take out Saddam any
time we wanted to do so. But then, where would we keep dropping bombs? I
guess we could bomb Afganistan again. Maybe North Korea? Falklands might
be good for another attack. Central America. Maybe we can get something
going with India? They got the bomb now. China would be the ultimate.
The Soviet Union satellites would be good, but it`s hard to justify
bombing them now. Makes me want to change my mind about impeching
Clinton. But the military industrial complex would just put a new pawn
and show-biz president in to replace him. Let there be peace on earth,
and let it begin with me.

In the CD player now: The brand new Kenny "Blue" Ray CD, Let The Blues

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