nbc: Re: Fake accent (was: John Hammond)

Rick Edwards voodoochile@WEBTV.NET
Tue Dec 15 23:32:48 EST 1998

I commented to the older black guy at our local black music store about
Bobby Bland`s snorting. He was tellin me about the new BBB. He got a big
kick out of it and agreed with me that it doesn`t add anything and that
he does do too much of it. And he`s a big R&B blues fan and loves Bobby
Bland`s singing, as do I. He has turned me on to some great blues
singers and guitar players. So has his neice. He knows I am always in
the store, looking for good blues, especially guitar blues. And we have
become music friends, We like alot of the same music. His neice is
younger and isn`t into as much blues as we are--more R&B. Anyway,
accents and race don`t mean crap. Can you find some common interests and
loves and values? And can you help and enjoy each other? I have even
been able to turn this nice guy, who works part-time in a music store,
onto some new music that he loves, because of my blues-l learning and my
own blues explorations. They smile when I come in the door, and I always
look forward to seeing them and talking with them too. Not just about
music. We are friends.

Rick, voodoochile, bamabluesdog



Let there be peace on earth (and blues-l) and let it begin with me (and

Must make the pure blues patrol crazy to know that the blues artists
that they do accept as real blues (BB King, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy,
Luther Allison, etc...) accepted and loved SRV`s blues. And that the
Handy voters accepted and loved SRV`s blues. Why can`t everyone enjoy
and discuss the kinds of blues they love and let others on blues-l do
the same thing, in peace. Why does someone always have to be attacking
or labeling some artist as non-blues, or attacking fans of some artists?
I don`t try to convert people to my tastes in blues. Blues is art, and
is in the ear and heart of the beholder. There is nothing wrong with
being a purist. There is something wrong with attacking artists and fans
who don`t share your definitions and tastes in blues, when the blues
being attacked is clearly accepted by the blues legends and by blues
authorities like the Handy voters.

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