The Right Reverand Ricky....was....Re: Another grouch

BlueLew BlueLew@STONES.COM
Tue Dec 15 22:53:28 EST 1998

Rick Edwards wrote at one time or another (in random order):

<<<   You are absolutely wrong PW.  >>>

<<<  Do you really think I get furious because others won`t accept the
music I like as blues, PW? >>>

<<< It doesn`t upset me PW, except it upsets me to be forced to be mean
to you to defend myself against your constant misrepresentations and
baiting. I don`t like being mean to you. I don`t like being mean to
anyone. >>>

<<<  I am intolerant of rudeness and arrogance on the list. And it does
cause me to sometimes be rude.  >>>

<<<  I AM intolerant of people who seem to only be on this list to
attack those who have tastes and definitions other than their own  >>>

<<< I suspect that most of the really rude folks on this list (folks
like Tom Freeland) are the kinds of folks who are cowering wimps in real
life, and who use the internet to try to salvage some self-esteem to
make up for their real life cowardess. They say rude and obnoxious
things to people on the web which they wouldn`t dare say to anyone`s
face. >>>

<<< And I never claim to be an expert. >>>

<<< First, rock-influenced blues is _clearly_ blues. >>>

and then Rick goes on to say:

<<<  Compulsions can be the sign of a deep emotional problem or a
self-perceived inadaquacy  >>>

Kinda sounds like a self portrait to me, Rick!

In response to your daily sermons I have been inspired to write some
verse in you honour:

"The Right Reverand Ricky
Loves to type and type all day
Tellin' one and all
On the ol' Blues-L
That we need to think "his way."

The Right Reverand Ricky
He's got too much time on his hands
Tellin' one and all
On the ol' Blues-L
That we need to like "his bands."

The Right Reverand Ricky
Is this the best that you can do?
To tell us "that is this"
and "this is that"
Ricky's own personal "blues who's who."

So Right Reverand Ricky
Take some of your own advice
Although you dare to post
All you want
Make the rest of your posts nice."


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