Five Years Ago on the blues List

Toby Levy
Tue Dec 15 06:29:17 EST 1998

On this date in 1993:

eRIC LeBlanc presented a birthday tribute Jesse Belvin, who died at the
age of 27 in 1960.  "Today Jesse Belvin is recognized as a PIVOTAL
artist in the development of the Los Angeles R&B/Doo-Wop scene." eRIC
mentions that his masterpiece "Guess Who?" was written by his wife.
Jesse and his 24 year old wife died in an auto accident following a
concert in Little Rock Arkansas.  They left two small children.  eRIC
mentions several collections available on CD, including "Goodnight My
Love" on the Flair/Virgin label which I just recently purchased and can
personally recommend.

eRIC also posted an obituary for Erskine Hawkins, who died at the age of
79 on november 11th.  Hawkins was a major R&B trumpet player, known as
"The 20th Century Gabriel."

Anthony May of Australia wrote to praise Georgie Fame, who came from the
same town in England as Anthony.  Georgie had a 1992 and 1993 release on
the Go Jazz label. The albums were titled "Cool Cat Blues" and "The
Blues and Me."

David Pimmel noted that Buddy Guy was on the cover of the current issue
of Living Blues, with a very nice interview inside the magazine.  David
brings out some of the points of interest in the interview, such as
Buddy's appreciation of Silvertone Records and his respect for Muddy
Waters and other older masters.


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