Five Years Ago on the Blues List

Toby Levy
Mon Dec 14 05:57:15 EST 1998

On this date in 1993:

eRIC LeBlanc posted a correction to a message posted earlier that same
day by Mike Lempriere.  Mike wrote "did you know that Arc
publishing...was run by Gene and Harry Goodman, two of Benny's
brothers?"  eRIC stated that Gene Goodman was a Black man and not
related to Benny goodman.  eRIC said "Muddy Waters refereed to this man
as the 'Black Jew' and Gene often was a scout for Leonard Chess.  When
Willie Dixon died, Billboard ran a tribute signed by Phil Chess and Gene
Goodman, so I guess he's alive.  I would guess that Harry is Gene's son
but it's only a guess."

LW said the tape he was compiling "The Blues-L Allstars" was four days
from the submission cut off date.  This was the second tape made from
performances by zellers.


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