Jimmy Reed

Sun Dec 13 22:53:42 EST 1998

    A listener of my Blues Radio Shows told me many years ago,  He would
have gone insane if it hadn't been for Jimmy Reed. He had gone through a
very nasty Divorce and His Jimmy Reed Albums had helped Him keep His
sanity through it all. He lived down in Los Angeles above a small
grocery store. Nightly pacing back and forth, replaying the entire
sequence of events of his marriage , listening to Jimmy Reed Records !!!
    He always called in a weekly Jimmy Reed request on my programs. I
think He loved Jimmy as much as I did. A very Deep Lover of the Blues,
he said more should done to Honor Jimmy Reed.
    Many of my fellow DJ's call Jimmy---Ol' Mush Mouth, or some other
demeaning Nickname. But I for one, hold Jimmy Reed up there in the Top
Group of Blues influences on Mainstream America. Many of our Great Blues
Artists add ---now and then---a Jimmy Reed Tune on their New Release.
That's the Greatest Tribute you can have. Contemporary Blues Performers
carrying on your Songs.
    I have just about Every Jimmy Reed Song he ever recorded. I am in
Awe of the Low-Down Groove that Jimmy sent to so many of us, through his
Music. I don't care if he was a Drunk, or fell off a chair during a gig.
He was an Inspiration to us All. Heartfelt---Realness.
    Eddie Taylor stayed with Jimmy, becaused he Loved Him. Not only as
an Artist, but as a Person. Alcohol finally brought him down---But Jimmy
Reed lives on in My Heart, and In my Blues Radio Shows.
    Walking down a neighborhood street back in the 1950's, I heard a
sound coming out of a bedroom window that Sent Chills down my Spine, and
Raised the Hair on the back of my Head. That sound was Jimmy Reed !!!  I
went out and Bought my first Reed record back in 1957, and have been
buying them ever since. He makes me Laugh, and He makes me---Flat out
Boogie !!!
       JIMMY REED FOREVER, MAN !!!!!!!!

Rockin' Ralph
Oldies Unlimited
Spoonful Of Blues

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