Thanks for the Help!

prestonwilson prestonwilson@STIC.NET
Sun Dec 13 21:33:34 EST 1998


        Thank you to this list for all the help I got, both by posts to the
list and by private reply!  I now have lots of suggestions on what to
get my brother for Christmas, the problem will be which one!  I hope to
get him a book to go along with the CD as he likes to read too.  Any
suggestions? This list is great!

        I also plan to pick up a few of the CDs suggested for me!  My husband
says I buy CDs for Christmas presents so I can go to the store and get
one for a present and two for me.  Isn't that how it is supposed to work???

        Happy Holidays to the most informative group of people I have come
across on the internet!!


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