Lehigh Valley Blues Temptress Night

Alan Howe StratDevil@aol.com
Thu Dec 10 15:56:12 EST 1998

Why is it that Thursdays make me so warm and fuzzy???

That's right boys and girls, come join us for some great playin', singin' ,
and merrymakin'.  Join Stratdevil and the houseband (is that really basically
Rollin' & Tumblin' pickin' up some extra weekday cashola?) for the Thursday
Night Blues Jam at the marginally famous Harleysville Hotel.

This Thursday has been decreed "Lehigh Valley Blues Temptress Night."  That's
right, this is another in a long list of sleezy attempts to lure Bev Conklin
to join us at the Harleysville Hotel Thursday Blues Jam.  One of these days,
one of these days...

SMIRKY will be struttin' his stuff. I mean, I think it's his stuff...we saw a
rolled up pair of socks in his speaker cab last week though.  Looked like knee
highs...  BEARCLAN keeps promisin' to drop by. Promises, promises...

Be sure to ask Alan (that's me...Stratdevil) for your complimentary  (and
traditional) shot of Wild Turkey.

Oh yeah...what's the point of advertising the jam if you folks don't know
WHERE it is? So here's the deal:  Harleysville is nestled in Montgomery
County, Pennsylvania... about 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia.  While not
exactly on the delta of the Schuylkill River, Harleysville has been home to
this jam for over nine years.  Need directions: just email me or since SMIRKY
(Brian McClean) has opened his home to us 'zellers (when is that party?), call
him at 610-272-3107.  He'll keep the lights on for ya! Or call me at
215-256-1280 Ext 106 from 10-5 tomorrow (Thursday).

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