No Appreciation- Willie Pooch

Robert J Dewar rjdewar@CYBERUS.CA
Thu Dec 10 01:06:22 EST 1998

Eddy is also one of the nicest,most sincere,funloving people I have ever had
the pleasure of meeting.He is also an expert on car repairs of any kind.He
diagnosed a recurrent problem I had with my car in about 10 seconds. Man of
many talents and a GREAT bluesman.

Robert J Dewar

> L.A. Jones wrote:
> >
> > I gotta mention Eddie Kirkland in this thread, talk about payin
> dues!  Have
> > Mercy!
> >
> > L.A. Jones

> I've got to agree, not only has Eddie turned out some nice work on
> his own, he has played on many other people's albums, backed some of
> the greats, helped many other blues acts get started and generally
> promoted the blues every chance he gets. Here's a link to a picture
> of Eddie, myself and some of the staff at Dave's CC Club:
> .
> --
> maxdog (Tallahassee, FL)

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