Charles "Cow Cow'" Davenport

Steven Sims
Wed Dec 9 05:37:24 EST 1998

John Bradshaw wrote:

> > of "Cow Cow Blues" including          Louise Johnson's "On the
> > Wall", Charlie McCoy's "That Lonesome Train Took My Baby Away", and
> > even Cripple Clarance Lofton's "Streamline Train".

Tom Freeland replied:

> I share John's appreciation for Cow Cow and would point out that
> anyone who has heard Dr. John's version of "Mess Around" on the GUMBO
> album has heard "Cow Cow Blues," as Dr. John points out in the liner
> notes.  The song is a heckuva lot of fun to play.

Yeah, that'll get it! I never tire of this number especially with Cow
Cow playing it - magic interplay of rhythms. A must-hear classic of
piano blues; ranks with Pinetop's Boogie Woogie and Vicksburg Blues.

I really enjoy Charlie Davenport's singing as well as his playing. He
recorded a fair few hokum style numbers; my favourite being "That'll
Get It" - the early version with Lovin' Sam Theard singing scat.

He also recorded accompaniment for many singers of the day; some of
whom were pretty obscure eg. Hound Head Henry - while he was obscure
and only recorded a few tracks, oh boy could he phrase his vocals like
a horn!


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