Lowell Fulson update 12/8

Mary Katherine Aldin MKAldin@aol.com
Tue Dec 8 21:11:42 EST 1998

This short note is to let you all know that yesterday (12/7/98) Lowell Fulson
was moved from the nursing home where he has been staying in recent months,
into a private Los Angeles-area home with a couple whom he has known for many
years.  Both the husband and wife are diabetics, so both are well-versed in
preparing food that's healthy and safe for him to eat, and both are
experienced in administering insulin. A van from the hospital will pick him up
for his dialysis three days a week and bring him home afterward.
This situation, if it works out, will be the best possible solution to the
problem of living arrangements for Lowell, since none of his children seems to
be able to accommodate him in their homes. The couple does understand that he
has periods of disorientation and forgetfulness, and they are willing to
handle that as long as they are able to. Their friendship is very comforting
to him.
After he gets settled down I plan to go see him, probably around the middle of
this month, and will take with me your Christmas cards that have been arriving
over the past 2 weeks. After I see him and talk with him I'll post a further

Mary Katherine

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