In Black And White

Marguerita Lopez tanner@CTS.COM
Tue Dec 8 15:12:22 EST 1998

This may be the most logical and reasonable explanation for what is
endlessly debated here that I've heard.  I can't think of anything else to

Gary Rex Tanner

Brian rants:

>People people, the problem within the music, moreso than can whitey sing
>the blues yadda yadda, is that singers should sing, guitarist should play
>guitar entertainers should entertain.
> While being black and a good singer, I know that there are songs that are
>out of my range, style and ability to do convincingly. Growing up catholic
>in a catholic W.I. community, I can sing a good calypso, soca, or ballard
>BUT for the life of me I can't pull off a James Brown or some down home
> Now can whitey sing,..sure,..if he's a singer. We have a lot of guitar
>players that think the can sing. Or because they lead the band, thinks that
>makes them prime candidate for lead singer. Also ego rears it's head in
>many a case. The bandleader may want the adulation and praises on him. It's
>not enough for people to know it's his band.
> Hey, not being able to sing hasn't stopped quite a few people from making
>it big. Speaking of Bob Dylan,...
>"life's too short to live the blues"

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