gonna get my hambone boiled

Gary Constantine constantine.gary@HOME.COM
Mon Dec 7 23:51:22 EST 1998


        I have a CD entitled "Out On The Highway" by an Alberta artist called
"Back Alley John". There is a cut called "Ham Bone Boiled". The first
                I'm goin' home to Ottawa to get my ham bone boiled.
                I'm goin' home to Ottawa to get my ham bone boiled,
                I've been here so long I've let my hambone spoil.
                I'm goin' home to the valley, everybody knows my name,
                Oh, the people in Ottawa all remember my name,
                I'm doin' alright in Alberta but nuthin' feels the same.

        I'd be very surprised if you had ever heard of this artist but i
thought the line you quoted sounded familiar. According to the insert
Back Alley John claims it as an original. Maybe not?

                                Gary ............

Michael Strain wrote:
> My teenage son, the blues singer, just recorded an acoustic song
> with lyrics that go something like:
> ...goin' down to Memphis .... gonna get my hambone boiled...
> We're trying to determine how much of this song is original or to whom it
> should be attributed.  He seems to have pulled it out of the hat, since we
> don't have any recordings at home with a similar songs.  He can't remember
> where he might have heard it.  But I'm sure I've heard something like it
> before.
> Can you country blues lyrics-experts offer any clues?
> --Mike
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