Roxy Perry
Mon Dec 7 17:56:53 EST 1998

.World peace or at least peace love and understanding among the members of
 A decent record deal from a label who can do us justice.
 A cordless mike so I can go smack that guy in the audience who is always
screamin ''FREE BIRD''.
The Love Dogs CD.
King Pleasure record with Moody's Mood for love on it .
A five make it 10 lb. box of money.
Good health for me, my husband, my band, my friends.
A pair of shoes that wont leave me crippled and blistered at the end of those
long gigs.
A tour that I actually make money on and goes without a hitch.
Lipstick that wont come off or give me lip drag when I play harp or get stuck
in the reeds
A harp that lasts longer than 3 gigs
A body that lasts longer than 4 hour and 1/2 sets.
A hairdresser that isnt scissor happy
An order of really good collard greens.
A bar-b-que sandwich from Maurices in Columbia SC.
A vacation in Sosua DR for 2 weeks .
A club owner who I or my agents only have to call once.
A birthday with no rain.
Enough gigs to keep Baron Raymond (alto sax) in my band permanently.
To sell the rest of my cds so I can press new ones with a bar code.
A clue in life and business.
finally some good new concerning my career would be great...A decent record
deal, distribution etc. Some good festival bookings
...or a day job that pays enough to make me give up this blues nonsense

how bout you zellers?

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