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Sun Dec 6 18:41:21 EST 1998 wrote:
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> writes:
> << I sure could use hearing a whole lot more of them good
old scratchy country
> blues. Seems every blues show I hear these days plays none
to zero. This is in
> marked contrast to blues radio when the blues rediscovery
was going on in the
> 60's and 70's. The whole schtick has changed from lament to
anger and swagger.
> It's not even the same music anymore. om  >>
> Om.. you are on the money with this one... It seems to me
that even in the
> older country blues there was anger and swagger but it was
done with a lot
> more taste and finesse.

I'd say it was done with a strong sense of irony and
humor,the difference between Willa Mae Thorton and Elvis
Presley. om
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