country blues

Karen Hanson
Sat Dec 5 12:13:44 EST 1998

In a message dated 12/5/98 12:01:36 AM, you wrote:

>In performance, the country blues artist is often one man/woman with one
>guitar... that performance rises or falls on the basis of the ability of one
>person to connect to many.  The personal strength and intensity of a Robert
>Johnson, Son House, Mance Lipscomb, Blind Willie McTell et al and the power
>with which they can reach out and touch my heart is what still impresses me
>this day....

Yes... and more than these... these country blues artists were storytellers.
The lyrics are sheer poetry. The instrument (guitar, mandolin, harmonica,
whatever) was a partner in the music, not the focus of it.


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