Chicago Tips - wanted

Brian Mack briancmack@HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 4 11:39:46 EST 1998

I was in Chicago about three weeks ago.  I stopped in at Chess Records
at 2120 S. Michigan Ave.  I met Shirli Dixon ( daughter of Willie.) She
runs the place now as a museum , education center and legal assistance
center for up and coming blues artists as well as the older guys trying
to recover royalties.  It is The Blues Heaven Foundation. I highly
recommend stopping if you have time. They are very friendly there and
encourage you to look around.  The day before I went, Bo Diddley, and
Johnny Winter stopped by.  My timing was slightly off.  the tours are
available from noon to 2pm, although I have a feeling that they would
welcome you most anytime.

Brian Mack

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>I'll be in Chicago from Sat., Dec. 5th until the following Tues.  Would
>appreciate some tips on preferred blues action.  I'm familiar with the
>and most of the clubs, but finding out what actually is going on on a
>particualr date sometimes is a bit difficult - even with the web sites
>Also, what (if any) record stores would be recommended for finding USED
>blues cds?  I have access to all new sturff that is in distribution,
>always am looking for those rare "out of print" releases or great deals
>things I hadn't previously realized I needed.

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