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>Is this available on CD or out of print? My copy wore out years ago.
>I've seen some tracks around on compilations etc. But not the whole

>Twist Turner wrote:
>> Wattstax on Stax records,double lp, probably the best Albert King I've
>> heard

This 2CD set?

(listing from
$16.70 -- STA88007 -- STAX -- 1/90

[AAD] 63 minutes. Live performance.

Additional engineers: Pete Bishop, William Brown, Dave Purple, Tom
Scott, Ray Thompson.

Recorded live at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, August 20, 1972.
Originally released on Stax (3010).

Digital remastering by Kirk Felton (1989, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley).

Song Titles:

ain't no sunshine - isaac hayes
angel of mercy - albert king
breakdown, the - rufus thomas
do the funky chicken - rufus thomas
do the funky penguin - rufus thomas
gee whiz - carla thomas
hearsay - the soul children
i can't turn you loose - the bar-kays
i don't know what this world is coming to - t
i have a god who loves - carla thomas
i like the things about me - staple singers
i like what you're doing (to me) - carla thom
i'll play the blues for you - albert king
i'll take you there - the staple singers
killing floor - albert king
knock on wood - eddie floyd
lay your loving on me - eddie floyd
oh la de da - the staple singers
respect yourself - the staple singers
son of shaft/feel it - the bar-kays

AMG REVIEW: This two-CD document of the all-day festival of Stax acts
in Los Angeles in 1972 contains decent performances by the Staple
Singers, Eddie Floyd, the Bar-Kays, Carla Thomas, Rufus Thomas, Albert
King, the Soul Children and Isaac Hayes. It's not remarkably different
from what you'll find on those artists' records, however, and Isaac
Hayes does none of his more popular singles, his contribution being
limited to a 17-minute cover of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine."
Check out the Bar-Kays' outrageous eight-minute soul-rock workout on
"Son of Shaft," though, which goes into some Santana-like grooves in
the middle; Rufus Thomas launches into three dance novelties in a row
("The Breakdown," "Do the Funky Chicken," and "Do the Funky Penguin").
Note: a couple of these cuts (the Staple Singers' "Oh La De Da" and
"Lay Your Loving on Me"), although programmed as if they were recorded
live at the event, are actually versions that were re-recorded in the
studio. -- Richie Unterberger, All-Music Guide
        CD      Stax88007
1972            Stax88007



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