Who is Paul Gonsalves...?

Pete Wulforst alesis@EROLS.COM
Thu Dec 3 17:49:34 EST 1998

Andy Allu wrote:
> In a message dated 12/2/98 9:45:19 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
> <<  this may seem an odd choice, but Dimenuendo and crescendo in blue has one
> of the great blues ax solos by paul Gonzales. >>
> Was this guy famous...(excuse my complete ignorance of Jazz)...?  We stumbled
> upon an unreleased 45 minute after hours studio recording session with him,
> piano, conga and drums... circa around 1960-4 (we can tell from the hard pan
> on all the stereo channels)...  Should I consider releasing this stuff... the
> quality (recording and musicianship) is excellent.......!
> Andy
> Silk City Recording Company

In a word, YES!!!  Althoug under-appreciated, Paul Gonsalves was a
pioneer on the tenor sax.  Ellington sure seemed to dig him!


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