Bradley N. Litwin

Scott Perry
Tue Dec 1 07:06:37 EST 1998

I received a CD by zeller Bradley N. Litwin yesterday called "I'll
Give You the Bus Money, Honey."  Bradley, the "self-made madman," has
put together an incredibly strong solo acoustic project.  An
astounding finger picker who sings in a natural, unaffected voice,
Bradley manges to breath a little new life into such chestnuts as
"Crossroads," "Careless Love,""Police Dog Blues" and "Key to the
Highway"  simply by virtue of his technical abilities and heartfelt
interepretations.  The "jazzy" (circa 1920s and 30s type
material), selections really knocked me out.  "Without Your Love,"
"'Tain't Nobody's Business," "Bleeding Heart Blues," "Old Rocking
Chair," and "Paper Doll" blend technical proficiency and soulful
playing in a very engaging and entertaining way.  Finally, there are
4 self-penned selections that reveal that Bradley has  absorbed the
lessons of the past and is creative and inventive enough to add
something new to the genre.

A great release that I think a  lot of you folks would enjoy.  For
more information contact Bardley at

Scott Perry

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