BrianSmith BrianSmith@ZOO.CO.UK
Tue Mar 25 19:27:20 EST 1997

"Lee C. Spector" <00lcspector@BSUVC.BSU.EDU> wrote...

> Does anyone have any idea of why a given cd will play on one cd player
> but not on another.  If so, what can be done about it.  Also, why does
> maybe the firs 3 cuts not play but the rest does.  Thanks.  Lee

No, but it has just happened to me with an Albert King purchase. The
first six tracks played fine then the next three went berserk skipping
about from track to track but always at the same point in my CD ROM
The CD played perfectly in another machine.

One suggestion was that the pressing might be slightly off centre.
I've taken the CD back and am waiting for a replacement to turn up.

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