Jonny Lang

Steffanie S. Pinsky
Tue Mar 18 08:48:57 EST 1997

1.Why did his 2nd album change from the first album with the first being
primarily blues in content and the 2nd being considered more R & B?
2.It is rumored that he was approached by many teen magazines after appearing
on the cover of Seventeen last month, but that he turned them all down.  Why?
3.Why did his band, The Big Bang, get let go after signing with A & M Records
and Why? And is there many hard feelings about that.  (The Big Bang is still
doing gigs in the twin cities)
4. Is he going to continue to write his own material and why did he write
more on his first album than on his 2nd?
PS Where is he playing in Seattle?  And has there been a lot of promotion
about him?

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