Monster Mike: I don't get it.

Eric Paul-Hus eric.paul-hus@DR.CGOCABLE.CA
Wed Mar 12 16:47:01 EST 1997

Riffin Rick wrote:
> So this genuinely begs the question, honestly, "what's the deal?" with
> Monster Mike Welch, and all the media hype.
> It's an honest question, has nothing to do with sour grapes.  Why this guy,
> and not THAT guy?
> Riffin Rick

Rick you live in the US right ? What does it take to get a marketing
machine going ? A product that does well in the sales department ... It
does take money to start up the marketing machine, but only sales
sustain it ... Why him ? Who said success was 90% perspiration and 10%
luck ? He had his lucky break early that's all ...

I also think that the fact he's (to my knowledge) single and childless
eases the logistic of touring ;-) and I would suspect the fact that his
youth makes it easy for the "marketing" guys to handle his agenda... I
would guess he's just happy as hell doing what he loves for a living ...

He also had the chance to have his break while he has no other
responsabilities (to my knowledge) other than towards his musical
career. A 100% focus on music... No wife, no kids, no mortgage, not much
pre-conceptions, no day job, no need for security, except from the
support of his family (since he's underaged, I assume his parents sign
the contracts) ... For me the deciding factor is 100% focus on music, it
seems to be the first step to a successful muscial career ...

And that must certainly show in his performance ... I wonder what his
attitude is in front of a "non-responsive" audience ? And if in most of
his preformances audiences usually responds well, it's because he
communicates well with them. That would make him a solid performer if
not a solid blues musician ...

I agree his youth is used as marketing edge, hell why not ? It works. I
think most people take it as: Can you imagine how great he will be once
he paid his dues ? ...

Music is art ... Performance is business ... It's just great when the 2
coincide ...

I missed him when he was in Montreal, but I sure hope to get to see him
so I can really see for myself what kind of performer he is ... He's
been recommanded by a blues muscian friend as being "really, really
GOOD", and I trust Sam's opinion ...

Eric Paul-Hus

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