Baton Rouge

Larry Corbett lrcorbet@GISCO.NET
Wed Mar 12 15:43:18 EST 1997

To All:
My real introduction to the Blues was a public TV show called Baton
Rouge Blues, 10 years ago or more.  I happened to have a blank tape in
the VCR, so I was able to save it, and I continue to enjoy it today.
It featured Silas Hogan, Arthur "Guitar" Kelly, Henry Gray, Whispering
Smith, Buddy Guy, Tabby Thompson, etc.
My question is: "What's the Blues scene like in Baton Rouge these days?"
Do they still have a festival?  Are any of these artists still recording?
On what labels?  Where can I buy their recordings?
I don't see much about Baton Rouge in the blues books I read, and that it
continues to be less well-known than Memphis, Chicago, New Orleans, etc.
You are what you are, and you ain't what you ain't. - John Prine

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