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> Question. Has anyone out there heard of the B.R.C. (Black Rock
>  Coalition)
>  --
>  Brian Mclean

Only know what I read in the 'papers' issue 28 of Blues Revue, Art
Tipaldi interviews Michael Hill.  According the Tipaldi's article, the Black
Rock Coalition was founded by Vernon Reid and Greg Tate, and is an advocacy
group which supports the efforts of black musicians who perform original
music in traditionally non-black genres.

Hill states that the group stages shows, as well as educates with its
programs.  BRC includes musicians, poets, artists and educators.

It's a good article in an issue which includes P. W. Fenton's musings on last
year's King Biscuit Festival, as well as the 1997 Blues Festival Schedule.
 If you don't already subscribe,  both Blues Access and Blues Revue are fine
ways of staying in touch with the music.  (<----completely innocent plugola)

Lorri Cook
Lorri Cook

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