Inquiring minds and the Ultimate Rhythm and Blues Cruise

Steve Levine Steve.Levine@CORP.WRGRACE.COM
Fri Mar 7 13:30:40 EST 1997

> Rather than inflict a lengthy missive on all List folk, some of whom
might see
>it as an "advertisement", let me say that for those who are
interested--I wrote
>an article describing my experiences on this past January's URBC
cruise for our
>monthly newsletter. An electronic version is  posted at the Website for the DC
>Blues Society, under the heading  "DC Blues Society News".  The URL for the
>Homepage is:

I second this. I enjoyed John's article and I really envy the guy! He
showed me some great photos of Billy Branch, Carl Weathersby (Joe
Lempkowski and his family would have been in heaven on this cruise! :),
Taj Mahal, Kim Wilson, Kid Ramos and others.

I think if I ever got married, that cruise would make the ultimate honeymoon.


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