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Mike Curtis wrote:

> A simple solution is to identify ASCAP tunes and play only these.  That's
> most music.  ASCAP is the biggest player.  BMI runs a distant second, and
> SESAC a microscopic third.
As one who works in copyright & royalties I deal with ASCAP & BMI on a
daily basis. Your statement is only partially true Mike, ASCAP may be
the biggest of the three collection societies but BMI is not a distant
second. BMI is also huge and many of today's most successful songwriters
as well as blues songwriters throughout the decades have chosen BMI over
ASCAP. It is definitely NOT true that most music is ASCAP. Hundreds of
popular songs for the past 50 years have been songs written by BMI
        Also, some other postings said incorrectly that BMI, ASCAP, SESAC
represent musical artists. This is not true. They represent songwriters.
When songs are played on radio, tv, movies, concerts, symphony etc.
(performances), the societies collect monies for the songwriters not the
artists. The artists make their money soley from the sales of their
tapes and c.d.s. Now, if a writer, such as Willie Dixon, is also an
artist, they're in a win win situation because they get artist royalties
from the record companies and songwriters performance income from the
societies (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, whoever they're connected with.)
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