Otis Rush as Albert King

Perry perry@3-CITIES.COM
Thu Jul 31 20:07:33 EDT 1997

> Regarding Otis Rush I would like to mention that he uses a upside down
> strung guitar like you all probably know but I think that this may
> give
> a player the ability to do a better job at Albert style Bends than say
> with a normal strung guitar. Little Jimmy King does a pretty sweet job
> with the upside down strings also. Although phrasing is also part of
> the Albert King thing.
> Perry
> Perry, I think You can play Albert King bends with a regular Guitar,
> I know Albert Collins, Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and myself
> all do a good version of ALBERT King
> Kenny Blue Ray

Boy one solo that just stands out with a bunch of descending note bends
is the solo from don't burn down the Bridge (studio release, not sure
which album). Albert has such control and power and it seems if a guy
was pullin down instead of pushing up that he would have a better chance
of copping the searing descending notes on that piece (and others like
it). I admire anyone that can get that AK Bend control with a guitar
strung anyway.


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