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> >I have been listening to James Harmon's "Do Not Disturb" on a tape
> >left at my place. I did a web search but came up with only a mention
> >and there of James. Can anyone give me a little info or some web site's
> >about JH?
> >I love "Icepick's Confession" and "I"m Gone" , good stuff.
> >Later,Moose
> >klarocque@oln.com
> >"Somethin musta' slipped my rememberance."
> >                                       "Son House"
>   james has four albums on Black Top, a couple on his own Icepick
> label (now defunct) and some others that have been reissued on other
> labels.  He lives in Orange County, Ca. and is on the road most of the
> year.  Catch him wherever he plays - he puts on a great live show

Just a little more info re: James Harman

There isn't a website that I can find, but you might find something in the
harp-l archives, also in the printed media - fairly recently "Southland
Blues" magazine apparantly ran a large article on him - maybe back issues
are still in stock.

Most critics seem to agree that "Do Not Disturb" is his best album
currently in print - I'd have to agree.  If you need more JH I'd suggest
"Two Sides to Ev'ry Storey"(Blacktop), next - then maybe the other Blacktop
albums.  I think you can still get his "..Live in 85" at Rivera Records,
the other stuff at 2nd hand stores.

If James' sound works for you, also try two releases from his ex-guitarists
- both on Blacktop:
The late Hollywood Fats: "Rock this House" and Kid Ramos "2 Hands 1 Heart".
Both are fronted by Lynwood Slim.

Hope this is of help


James Daniell

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