Sittin' in and me being rude. (Jimbeau reply)

Thu Jul 31 15:19:41 EDT 1997

Howdy Jimbeau, (sorry I del'd your address)! oops

You're right, that it's easy to misconstrue my verbal tone as rude when
handling requests from wannabe sit in types.  It's an e-mail thing. Honest! :-)
Anybody who knows me will tell you I'm friendly and polite to a fault----
---I spend as much as half an hour chatting on the phone with those folks
who call me during dinner every night to give me a pre-approved credit card. :-)
It drives my wife bonkers.

That aside, I guess my personal experiene with one bad wanker after another
onstage (which embarasses me) has lead me to have not such a good attitude
about folks who wanna sit in.  My rule basically is, if I don't know you,
the answer is no.  To sour me yet further, my overly friendly band has often
given people they KNOW the thumbs up to sit in, and then the person sucks
anyway! I look at them bewildered and ask "WHY, oh why, did you do that!?"
"Well, you know...mumble-mumble-mumble..."  As Ed Vadas said, you end up
most of the time doing damage control, and I really hate that.

And I guess lastly, the few times where I've had to have someone physically
tossed out of a club has been real extremes.  I'm worried usually about
damage to our equipment by somebody stumbling and staggering around us, ya
know?  With four guitars (on stands) onstage, one little tumble could take
out about 5 thousand dollars worth of equipment, and nobody but me is gonna
pay for 'em, I'm sure.  And that's JUST my little corner of the stage!

Jim, I _know_ you weren't really "attacking" what I said really :-) and
don't worry, I'm not offended by you're disagreeing. :-)  I just felt a need
to explain myself further. Admittedly, I'm uptight about this issue, but
it's because of bad experiences.

:-)Riffin Rick

Senior Research Assistant,
& Marine Facilities Manager
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research

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