Karen Hanson JukeFreak@aol.com
Thu Jul 31 12:53:05 EDT 1997

>Those of us who didn't go still don't know about laminates.
>Is this latin?
>  laminates lamentatis
>or some sort of medieval blues expressing regrets about staying at home?

I missed the post because I was gone the week, so I don't know how they came
about...  But they were these cool blue tags that said "Blues-L," worn around
the neck.  They were great, because it made it easier to go up to other
people and say hi (especially for us shy ones).  They were also great
conversation starters to meet other folks... I had a couple of people at the
Blue Heron ask me about it.
Who was responsible for these things?  He/she deserves a pat on the back,
etc.!  I think it'd be great for all festivals.  I mean, Blues-L people are
special, but we tend to look pretty much like everybody else.


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