Coco's amazing bilocation! :-)

Thu Jul 31 12:03:28 EDT 1997

Hi Mark!  :-)  You're right of course, Coco did eventually sort of disappear
from the Blue Heron, but he was there for 2-3 hours anyway.  I think there
was a certain contingent that was toggling back and forth between your jam
and Ron & Kevin's jam that night, including Carey Bell's band.

I saw you sit in with Big Jack, by the way. Cool playing, bud. :-)  Something
you've got that many players/jammers don't have is stage presence--the ability
to get people's attention and hold it. My brother and I enjoyed it.:-)

Hopefully we'll hook up next year?


Riffin Rick

Senior Research Assistant,
& Marine Facilities Manager
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research

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