A question for all the Blues Radio DJs on Blues-L

Johnny V jam@spots.ab.ca
Thu Jul 31 11:02:55 EDT 1997

I would be interested in finding out if in the last nine months any of you
Blues DJs received my CD Titled: Johnny V's Blues Allstars  "If My Daddy
Could See Me Now" #BYT 71391 from Alive Presentations Inc. or Alison Fay.

I'm not looking for an opinion just if you received it.

Please respond to me at my personal e-mail address rather than Blues-L

Johnny V

I vaut mèyeû s'bètchî què s'capougnî....
Old Wallon (the french part of Belgium) expression, roughly translated it
means "It is better to kiss than to fight"

>From the Vaults of Johnny V
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