GEAR: Opinions/advice needed ASAP

Leonard Watkins ISTS024@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU
Thu Jul 31 10:57:56 EDT 1997

More on the broken headstock on my National. After going round n round with
National and my local dealer here is the deal: My local luthier/dealer does
not feel good about putting a new neck on my National. He said that he would
have to charge me more than he would want to, because it would take him a long
time (hence missing out of other repairs ...etc). He said I coudl get the neck
at his cost...etc, but I should send it to National to get it done, since they
are 'experts'..

The kicker: No way can it be done before the slide festival and I really don't
think the chances of mine making till then is REAL slim (although C-clamps may
hold it together).

Question: Would it be out of line for me to call National and ask about using
one of their guitars that they will have at the show just for my set. otherwise
canceling MAY be the answer. Any thoughts on if I should call and ask National
about borrowing one. I'm a no-name performer..etc, but it would still be more
advertising for them....???? Watcha think


Leonard  'August sucks'

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