What DOES Greg like about blues?

Ruth Vadi ruth_vadi@HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jul 31 10:36:22 EDT 1997

>Bill Kolstad replied:
>> I'm beginning to think that you are just here to troll.
>> Maybe you are just trying to stir up some people here.  Maybe you are
>> genuinely trying to figure out the blues.
>Anyway, *I* would love to see you (Greg) discuss/recommend/tell about
>all the things you *love* about the blues, instead of just initiating
>threads about all the things you *don't* like about it (such as Big
>Walter's supposed lack of technical prowess, Albert Collins playing out
>of tune, lyrics about adultery,...)...
>So I would like to hear about: why do you listen to blues,how did you
>get into it, what does it mean to you, who are your favorites, any
>recordings to recommend, great gigs you have seen, humorous anecdotes
>about blues artists.....
Yes, Greg, I would like to know that too.
What DO you like about the blues?

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