Bass for the Blues

Dennis Hooker dennish@FREENET.TLH.FL.US
Thu Jul 31 09:54:35 EDT 1997

Hi all, I'm and old dog trying to learn new tricks. I play a little harp
and slide guitar but I want to learn the Bass. Don't know how to read
music and don't want to take the time to learn. Tap is about as advanced
as I'm going to get at this stage. Can anyone recommend a book or video.
Although I play with some Delta and Chicago Blues men that are pros. I am
not in that class myself. When I play it's for fun around the house or I
get together with old boys from Nashville and Orlando a few times a year
a we jam. We never have a Bass, but always more than one harp player and
them guitar players come out of the walls. I just want to be able to lay
down a bass line to help the sound. Also what can I expect to play for a
cheep used Bass that will serve my needs?
Thanks For the Help
D.W. Hooker

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