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P.W. Fenton pwfenton@GATE.NET
Thu Jul 31 08:25:29 EDT 1997

Went a little crazy yesterday and bought a few Blues CDs (and a few
non-blues CDs too).

Among the Blues titles... "Mem Shannon's 2nd Blues Album", Rounder's "Blues
Piano Orgy", Pinetop Perkins - "Born In The Delta" (an "Enhanced" CD), and
Robert Nighthawk "Live On Maxwell Street".

I don't have time for a real review right now but I'd recommend them all.
I'll be playing them a whole lot.  Mem Shannon is a really great writer.  I
had heard several cuts from Mem's new album that I liked but "Old Men",
which I had never heard, just blew me away.  The Blues is quite alive, and
it's still growing up.  Mem, if he keeps at it, will be a force in it's
future.  I'm just as enthusiastic about the other three albums, but Mem's
lyrics really knocked me out.

P.W. Fenton
Tampa, Florida

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