Pocono Jams

Andy Vincent AV1901@aol.com
Thu Jul 31 08:19:38 EDT 1997

A special thanks to Dave Sherman & The Nightcrawlers for hosting the Blues-L
Friday night jam session. I appreciated their generousity in hosting the jam
(schlepping their equipment / PA, etc.) gratis and let them know in person
and through my tip jar donation that I thought they were fabulous guys.

This outfit was in the pocket and tasty. The rythm section was tight and well
able to swing a mean shuffle. The guitar work was soulful and sweet. As jam
hosts they played the ideal supporting role... play a few numbers as a band
to set the tone and feel of the night, then support the various jammers as

I really enjoyed playing at this jam. I've been to some jam sessions where
the host band (or members thereof) had trouble giving up the spotlight to

Thanks again to Dave Sherman & The Nightcrawlers, the top jam hosts at the
'97 Pocono Fest weekend. Go see these cats if they are in your area.

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