NBC: The Perfect Country Song (Adultery)

Bill Kolstad static@EXIT109.COM
Thu Jul 31 07:42:17 EDT 1997

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, Bill Salmon wrote:

> <<Cripes, Greg, lighten up! This is blues! To sing country, you don't have
> to:
> Cheat.
> Have your best dog die.
> The train leaves you at the station.
> You fall in love with your pickup truck.
> You fall in love with your neighbor's pickup truck.
> Your mother cheats with your neighbor's pickup.
> You stop drinking.
> Your mother stops drinking your neighbor's pickup....
> etc etc etc.......
> Jim Bardsley
> Gregory A. Conn wrote:
> > Dave Melton wrote:<<snip>>
> gee Jim, this sounds EXACTLY like a country song "You Don't Even Call Me
> By My Name".. the perfect country song, only it didn't reference
> pickups, mother or jail, so a last stanza was added.. (not a quote) I
> went to the station in my pickup truck to get my mother, who just got
> our of prison, but she was run over by a train.. APOLOGIES to David
> Allen Coe..
Except it was written by Steve Goodman as stated in the recording.

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