Blues Music/Adultery

T. Roy Matthews tbone01@EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Jul 31 05:08:38 EDT 1997

At 15:17 30/07/97 -0400, Gregory A. Conn wrote:
>Has anyone else out here ever given any thought to the possibility
>that some blues songs tend to glamorize adultery and cheating with
>someone elses spouse?  (snip). . . some of these lyrics leave a bad taste
in >my mouth.
> Any thoughts on this?

Hi Greg:

It's mho that this is the kind of stuff that makes the blues the form of
music that it is. I believe this goes to the crux of the matter with regard
to the discussion about "Is it Blues or Rock?"

These types of songs are what has given Blues the reputation it has. This
is why Blues became the "bastard stepchild" to R&R in pop culture. For the
most part, Church-goin folk don't like to hear songs of this ilk uttered in
their presence.

Frankly, these are songs about the human condition and are actually more
reality based than other types of music. Again, generally speaking, people
don't like to hear about the darker side of us humans. These songs conjure
up ideas about their own sin that doesn't sit well when in the pulpit or pew.

Believe me, I am "experienced."

But as blues lovers, we recognize the good times, bad times, evil times and
holy times that make up this thing called "life." This is why the Blues is
so very powerful. . .


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