Princess' Poconos moments

Princess Capri cap@PRINCESSCAPRI.COM
Thu Jul 31 02:20:14 EDT 1997

   I had to work Saturday. I had asked to borrow the owner's Bentley.
He declined but did offer to cover for the car rental, so Sunday
I arrived late but in time to catch Lady Bianca's set.

   I approached any person wearing a Blues-L laminate inquiring
"who are you?" It was way cool meeting everyone, but even still
I missed some of you. Pooh!

   Being the social butterfly that I am I was bouncing around the festival
hanging with different people. At one point I was with Buddy Fox,
general manager of Manny's Car Wash NYC. He was chatting with
Sandra Copeland. Sandra looked at me and said, "I know you."
I was surprised she remembered me. I told her we met previously at the
Paramount NYC about two years ago. Sandra said it was a release and a relief
to be at the festival after Johnny's passing. Sandra thanked Buddy Fox for
bringing Shemekia to Bruce Iglauer's attention. I told Sandra there are
many words of praise about Shemekia on Blues-L.

   Then Debbie Davies strolls over and starts taking pictures.
I said, "wait a minute, let me have the camera and you get in the shot."
After the photo session we were standing in the hazy hot humid sun chatting.
We gradually moved into the cooler shade of some trees. While we were
talking we were watching a few kids playing in the creek that runs behind
the press room and stage one. "Lets get in the water", I said. Fox said,
"you first." So I took my shoes off and commenced cold water foot therapy.
Fox, Debbie's drummer, Don Castagno, and I were chilling our feet in the
Debbie was sitting nearby on a rock. I said, "come on Debbie, take those
cowboy boots off and stick your feet in this water." Debbie was concerned
that her feet would swell up so much that she wouldn't be able to get
her boots back on. I said the water was so cold it would shrink anything.
With that she took off her boots revealing one blue sock and one white
sock, and put her feet in the water.

   I also ran into Debbie's bass player, Bill Ottinger, who used to
play with Bobby Radcliffe. Lenny Moranus who used to manage Popa Chubby
is now Debbie's road manager.

   With our feet chilling in the water we talked of registering with
ASCAP or BMI. Will anyone relay to me pros/cons of these two agencies?
Private e-mail please.

   I stayed for Coco Montoya's set. Debbie and Coco were trading some
nice licks. Then I had to drive back to NYC.

   Besides the music, what I really like about the Poconos festival
is the atmosphere. Very relaxed and casual. One of the best run events
I've attended.

See ya next year,
Life is what you make it.

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