Blues Music/Adultery

Willy Evans willye@MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Jul 30 23:02:11 EDT 1997

Give your relationship about 15 more years and you'll be singing BackDoor
man and cracking slippin'-around jokes too! Whether or not you choose to to
slip around yourself is between yourself and yourself!

As a wise man once told me, "It ain't nothin' but a thing!"


At 09:07 PM 7/30/97 -0400, Gregory A. Conn wrote:
>Dave Melton wrote:
>> I love my wife of ten years dearly
>> also, but I am secure enough in the relationship that listening
>> to a blues song about adultery doesn't disturb me in the least.
>  I am secure in my relationship also, and that is precisely why
>  I find the glamorizing and or trivializing of adultery to be
>                                                    -Greg
Willy Evans

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