BMI vs ASCAP -Reply

Dave Melton slydemann@EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Jul 30 22:58:09 EDT 1997

Robert Varak wrote:
> If my memory of law school is correct (and let's face it, it's kinda hazy), a
> restaurant may play music to the public as long as it's not done over a PA
> or professional sound system.  So it's basically ok now for the owner of
> a place to play music over a regular stereo (FWIW), but that's it.   At least
> this used to be the law.  They keep changing it, you know.
>                                             Rob

I had a day job working at an old fashion drug store 5&10 kind of
place. They piped music from the radio over the store pa system
for the customers. BMI gave us a visit and ran down the royalty
thing, that we couldn't play the radio without paying a fee.
The owner put it off and recieved a few threatening letters,
but nothing ever came of it until the end when Thrifty bought
them out.

Dave Melton

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