Blues Music/Adultery

Bob Unger rbu@AKULA.COM
Wed Jul 30 21:59:21 EDT 1997

Gregory Conn wrote:

>   I am secure in my relationship also, and that is precisely why
>   I find the glamorizing and or trivializing of adultery to be
> disturbing.
>                                                     -Greg

I dont think the people who wrote those songs were glamorizing
adultery......perhaps they trivialized it because it happens to be a fact
of life and it was a way to  accept it.  Shit happens and the people who
feel it deeply, write songs about it. (among other outlets) When they wrote
those songs, I dont believe they were thinkng of who's gonna accept it.
They were writing what they felt....and I'm glad they did.

Bob Unger

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