Blues Music/Adultery

Wed Jul 30 16:42:02 EDT 1997

At 03:17 PM 7/30/97 -0400, Greg wrote:
>Has anyone else out here ever given any thought to the possibility
>that some blues songs tend to glamorize adultery and cheating with
>someone elses spouse?  Ie: "Come on husband just now left,
>yeah he just now left." Or, "I am a backdoor man, the men don't know
>but the little girls understand."  Etc., you get the idea.
> During many years of being a bachelor I didn't give a whole lot of
>thought to this.  Now that I have a fiance' whom I love dearly I find
>that some of these lyrics leave a bad taste in my mouth.
> Any thoughts on this?

As long as the song is "in tune" then I've got no problem with it.


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