Otis Rush as Albert King

Bernie Clarke RhythmShrk@aol.com
Wed Jul 30 10:56:02 EDT 1997

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 Having caught Otis at many live shows over the recent years I feel
 that Otis is too strong a musician and band leader to sound like
 anyone else - even if he is doing someone else's number - I always
 feel that he put a lot of what is uniquely Otis Rush into the
This discussion of Otis is making me very jealous.  I have hot had the
opportuninty to see him in concert and would like to very much.  I am a harp
player/singer and still, I would have to put Otis in my Top 5 "must see".
  Otis is a huge influence on me vocally and I would really love to meet and
thank him some day.   When is he going to make it to Upstate NY?

Bernie Clarke

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