Part 2: The Day After

Wed Jul 30 07:38:49 EDT 1997


Woke up stoned and my ass was freezing. Seems my butt was hanging out of
cover all night and the temperature dropped considerably. We got to bed
kind of
late and I thought I'd been out for quite some time. It was 7:30am. I
walked into
the kitchen and was surprised by a zombie roaming the house looking for
coffee. Our host slept in a little late. She'd also been partying last
After about a half hour, the house is buzzing with activity. Well,
activity. Barry Silverberg is pondering the logic behind the 9am meeting
at our
room on the festival site. Toby Levi & John Chamberlain was up and
coffee. Gloria was still crashed. I found myself cleaning and cutting
potatoes for
home fries. I thought I'd help out a little. Grace(our host) was
fretting because
she over slept.

Shower, change, yadda yadda. Barry and I hitch a ride with John
Chamberlain to
the Fest site. When we get there most of the usual suspects are
assembled. We
enter as a group and make our way to the area set aside for the blues-l
I took the floor and had everyone introduce themselves. The meeting
consisted of
us talking over things that blues-l might consider doing in the future.
discussed blues in the schools and a few other topics. Chuck
Bloomingburg brought
up the reality of getting funding for these projects.

Showtime. Blind Mississippi opened on stage one. Liked what I heard. I
caught about twenty minutes of his set, then I went to checkout the
stuff in the
tents. I had Dick Waterman and Bob Unger's t-shirts. I thought I'd find
and give them their stuff before I got all caught up in the music. I
found Dick,
selling t-shirts and relating a story or two of his adventures in blues.
Did I
mention that he was butt naked. No, no, it must have been my free high

Byther Smith was now on the second stage. I seen Byther a few times, he
puts on a
good show. At some point during his set, I bumped into Shemekia
Copeland. She
said her family had all come up for the weekend. We headed for where her
mom was
holed up. Hugs, kisses and a little bullshittin' all around. I also met
some of
the family I'd not seen before. Of course they thought I might be
pudding), but after a pat down search and a quick interrogation, the
took my work
when I said I didn't bring any.

Paul DeLay was just starting his set. Shemekia and I caught about five
minutes of
it, then we went searching for Saffire. They were doing a workshop in
one of the
buildings. For some reason I couldn't find the place. 'Mekia went of to
find some
shade. I was on a mission. Found "Saffire". The room was packed. I spoke
with Ann
before they hit. I'd forgotten the baby pictures once again, but we
talked about
kids anyway. She's going to be a Grandmum soon. Of course Saffire put on
a great
show, don't they always. Basil(Johnny Clyde's road manager) found me
next to the
fan. It was a little warm in the room. Saffire will do that to you. Dave
Carpenter was also sitting next to us. We chatted a little. Show ends,
we go to
the Press/Musicians/V.I.P. area and have lunch. These Pocono Festival
people sure
know how to take care of folks. The food was good, the beer was free.
to some of the press, I heard the same thing over and over. Michael
Cloeren and
his people make you feel welcomed.

Texas Johnny Brown is a new name to me. He was excellent. The purple
suit alone
had me hooked. For his show I sat at the side door of the room that was
set aside
for the blues-l members. It was a good location. Off to the right side
of stage
two. A steady breeze flowed through, making it ideal on a hot day. I'm
going to
see about getting Texas Johnny Brown at WD's. At some point I went for a
walk and
bumped into Big Jack Johnson. Exchanged hugs and I apologized for not
back to his show the last time he was in philly. I got to Abilene early
talked to him a little. I said I had to go home and change. Jack says,
"man you
go'na go home put on the TV and fall asleep". "No Jack, I promise I'll
be back
shortly" says I. I woke up 1:30am, the TV's still on, D'oh.

We talk about stuff and the conversation always gets to fishing. I tell
him how I
packed all my gear, but left my rod at home. No problem, Jack brings his
gear on
the road with him. Cool, but It will have to wait because I want to
catch Bobby
Blue Bland.

Bobby Blue Bland, is Bobby Blue Bland. Barry Silverberg is having a ball
and dancing up a storm. I think he's a Blue Bland fan. I decide to go
sit in the
shade. Mrs. Copeland is sitting in the shade of the main building behind
and to
the right of stage One. I join her and we start talking about stuff. A
approached us. He tells her how he was a fan of Johnny Clyde and asked
if we
needed anything. We can't think of anything. He offers us a cocktail. We
sure. Less than five minutes later, we're sipping rum and cokes. Sitting
in the
shade, listening to Bobby B and getting a buzz from rum with a splash of
Life is good.

It's later in the evening. We're at the Blue Heron. Debbie Davies is
Most of the 'zeller's are also in attendance. At some point, a 'zeller
assured me
that they read my post on making the trip to the headshop. Actually,
quite a few
of you guys were holding. I won't name names, just send your checks

I had a lengthy talk with Canadian 'zeller Liz Sykes. It funny how you
with people. I felt like she was an old friend. Felt the same way about
Forcella and a few others. I felt especially close to Liz though and I
don't know if she likes to fish.

Brian Mclean 
                                “life's too short to live the blues”

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