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Mike Curtis ironmanc@JUNO.COM
Wed Jul 30 04:56:54 EDT 1997

On Tue, 29 Jul 1997 13:31:31 -0400 Ed Vadas <> writes:

>I would say it is 90% of the players who are "ASKED" to sit in.
Actually do
>the asking themselves.   Most folks who sit in are inadequate jerk-offs
>know not the land they trod.   What appears to the audience as
>from the band  is often a shriveling ego caught sitting in on a wave
>can't maintain so they (A) turn down (B Sing away from the mich. .. (C)
>control of the band or(D) just wank through it.

I've seen this at least three times - maybe more :-)  I agree with
Charlie Mingus, who said "If you can't hear the singer, you're playing
too loud".  Guest or not, invited by the band or asking to sit in, it
makes no difference.  Everyone in the band, including the drummer, can
turn down to inaudible, so when the band drowns someone out, I blame the

Or - "Dynamics?  I'm playing as loud as I can".

>Any self-respecting band
>tries to do what they can to make a guest sitting in a positive
>for the crowd, but mostly have to do damage control for time the pest,
>is there.   It is a real and RARE treat when some one sits in and the
>is elevated from where it was on a reality based musical ground rather
than a
>fan based thrill ground.

This is getting scary - Ed and I agreeing TWICE?

As Joe goes on to say, a GOOD band will do all in its power to make the
sitting in musician and/or vocalist sound as good as possible.  Of
course, if the visiting "artist" is terrible, there's only so much you
can do.  Sometimes the best you can come up with is to gracefully finish
the song ASAP, thank the guest graciously, and pray your pointy little
head off that he'll take the hint and gracefully leave the stage - and be
prepared to play your break song should he not :-)

>Drop by and sit in some time!

Thanks - I might just take you up on that.  Do you do anything by Barry
Manilow?  (Neither do I  :-)

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