Back from Pocono: mini,mini super short review.

Wed Jul 30 00:26:17 EDT 1997

>>Coco Montoya,
   who has to be one of the sweetest, warm-hearted, unassuming, just plain
friendliest blues stars there is.  I am a new fan.  He spent the entire
evening at the Sunday night jam with us all at Ronnie Kraemer's gig
    at the Blue Heron.  The room was full of stars and amateurs waiting
   elbow-to-elbow to get some time onstage in front of a packed house, and
   Coco never budged from his place at the side of the bar, <<

Wow, Rick... I guess Coco is even more talented than we realized before,
as he is also capable of bilocation!  (ditto on his warmth and
friendliness!!) If we are talking about the same Coco Montoya who led his
band through what was my favorite set of the festival on Sunday, well...
he was in rapt attendence for my ENTIRE 3rd set at Shennanigans on Sunday
night! (and I know for a fact that it wasnt just a guy with a Coco mask,
Alex and I had a nice chat with him). Unfortunately, he didnt jam with us,
as he didnt have his axe with him, and of course it's set up quite
differently, as you know.

Wish I had gotten a chance to meet you, though, Rick. Was hopin' you'd
come by and jam with us as well.


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