How did I miss this?

Jim Bardsley bardsljr@UMDNJ.EDU
Tue Jul 29 21:02:32 EDT 1997

Hey, I'm just three hours up the road and trying to get through the year
with my wife still in Louisiana finishing up some stuff.

I'll be right over.

(Smirkyness is catching, in more ways than one.)

Jim  ;)

Lea A. Gilmore wrote:

> In a message dated 97-07-29 18:39:12 EDT, you write:
> Brian musta said:
> << > The one person I knew instantly was Lea Gilmore. Not because she
> was
>  >the only black woman for a 30 mile radius. She exuded a feel of calm
> and
>  >a demeanor that projected her blackness and her womanhood to a level
>  >which has never been attained by the likes,....#%,... Sorry,...I've
> been
>  >listening to Saffire again.
>  > Back to Lea. Something about Lea that makes you want to hug her. >>
> Oh My God!  What can I say...thank you so much!
>  I didn't see this Brian, PW showed it to me!   "Smirkyface" is a
> sweetheart
> and funny as heck.  Here's a hug from me (((Brian))).
> I just_loved_being hugged (It's one of the gifts of being "Built for
> Comfort"
> :-)
> Hell, I better stop before the rumors start...;-)
> Thanks!!!
> Lea Gilmore

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